Ziggo technicians use the SunRider in Utrecht

We are happy to introduce you to the VodafoneZiggo SunRider! Since the start of October, Ziggo technicians cycle with the SunRider in Utrecht to reach their customers for service and maintenance of Ziggo products. This new way of providing service helps VodafoneZiggo reach their sustainability goals and enables them to enter the emission-free zones in Utrecht. Besides that, the SunRider allows them to go around town easier, faster and more environmentally friendly.

Fast through the city
The SunRider offers a way out of the problems that Ziggo mechanics encounter when driving a van through the city. They often have to deal with narrow streets, closed routes, one-way traffic and the lack of parking spaces. Moreover, a cargo bike does not require a parking permit. And because the travel time by bike is considerably shorter, the mechanics can also help more customers in a day. Enough reason for VodafoneZiggo to start using our SunRider.

A step further in reducing emission
VodafoneZiggo’s ambition is to make as many customer visits as possible 100% environmentally friendly. “Our goal is not only to keep travel time as short as possible, but also to drastically reduce emissions per kilometer,” says Marloes Timmerman of VodafoneZiggo. “Right now, we plan to continue doing everything we can to make sure our company meets the latest requirements in all the zero-emission zones that have been announced, even before 2025. The SunRider already goes one step further by not only eliminating emissions, but also charging the battery with clean energy.”

Energy efficient driving
The SunRiders on-board equipment will record a whole host of data that will enable VodafoneZiggo to work as effectively as possible. Not only will the equipment check which route is the most efficient one, how many kilometres the bike has covered, how fast the technician is cycling but it will also record things such as how much sunlight is available that day – and how much energy therefore is generated.

Take a look here to learn more about the SunRider!