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Need The Globe launches SunRider:

The first self-charging Solar Cargo E-Bike in the world

  • With integrated solar panels, the SunRider provides maximum energy yield and unmatched efficiency.
  • Enables a seamless and green delivery for urban logistics by reducing charging time and labour costs.
  • Batteries are self-charged with clean energy, reducing fossil fuel-generated electricity. The future is solar-powered.

Amersfoort, 15 April 2021, the Netherlands – The Dutch company Need The Globe (NTG), founded by Chris Cramer and Chris van Houdt, has just launched the SunRider, the first-ever solar cargo e-bike. This pioneering last-mile delivery concept — compliant with Green Deal Zero Emission Urban Logistics — is lowering environmental impact and creating a better quality of life, which will benefit the Netherlands and, soon, the rest of the world. The SunRider’s self-charging property reduces pressure on overloaded electricity grids. With its sleek design and user-friendly features, it is bound to make waves in the logistics industry.

Chris Cramer, Chris Klok, Chris van Houdt

The perfect bike for urban logistics

Businesses looking for more productive and profitable logistics and transportation services will benefit from the SunRider. It provides a sustainable transportation solution, reduces fossil energy consumption, and takes a step towards the future of self-charging devices. Customers will also benefit from the launch of this groundbreaking solar cargo e-bike through a better delivery experience and an increase in consumer satisfaction.

The SunRider, powered by a 250 W hub motor with a 1.6 kWh swappable battery, can fit 1m³ Euro pallets and can transport up to 150kg of cargo. With powerful built-in lights, it can also effortlessly handle night deliveries.

“We achieved a friendly design that easily blends in on bicycle paths, with other cyclists,” shared Chris Klok, who leads NTG’s development team. “The driver has an excellent 360-degree view thanks to the sleek lines of the cargo box, which is positioned behind the driver. The curves of the cargo box, with integrated solar panels and the use of lightweight materials, not only improve aerodynamics, but also make the SunRider the lightest, and the most elegant cargo e-bike on the market.”

The Solar Cargo E-Bike, The future is now

While cities continuously change, the technology around them enables its urban environment to evolve. Going electric has already achieved promising results in assisting worldwide zero-emission goals. However, the focus must go further towards addressing the world’s reliance on fossil fuels. At the moment, a majority of the energy used to charge batteries is still sourced from fossil fuels, therefore still producing CO2 emissions. The SunRider has three integrated solar panels with high efficiency cells, adding up to 545 Wp groundbreaking solar power.’

“Given that solar panels are becoming both more efficient and affordable, they have become increasingly suitable to integrate into moveable objects and can be used to develop a sustainable and commercially viable product,” says Chris van Houdt, co-founder and Chief Energy Officer of Need The Globe. “Most importantly, the SunRider helps pave the way to further reduce the use of fossil fuels, unlock new data, contribute to an urban environment that enhances well-being, and provide a vitality boost for the rider,” adds NTG’s co-founder, Chris Cramer.

Through the SunRider, businesses, clients, and drivers can experience an effortless, positive, and valuable delivery experience. Riders can also cover more delivery ground faster. Additionally, the bike is equipped with various digital measuring devices that unlock insights about trips that have never been available to companies before.

Working towards a Fossil Fuel-Free Economy

NTG’s solar cargo e-bike supports a bigger vision, which is to create a fossil fuel-free economy. This last-mile delivery solution reduces the community carbon footprint, thus helping to further transition towards a zero-emission society. The SunRider cuts CO2 emissions by 95% in comparison to a diesel-fuelled delivery van, and by 50% in comparison to other cargo e-bikes on the market. Furthermore, it significantly lowers dependence on grid charging and fossil fuels, thereby also reducing labour costs.

The SunRider contributes to realizing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, amongst others: Good Health and Well-being (Goal 3), Affordable and Clean Energy (Goal 7), Decent Work and Economic Growth (Goal 8), and Sustainable Cities and Communities (Goal 11).

The NTG team and mission

NTG is a team of talented and energetic people with a mission to develop a planet-centric movement around cycling and clean energy. Their aim is to get as many people as possible to ride bikes, to provide them with clean energy, and to work with communities to create healthier and more livable urban environments — not only for the current generation, but also for generations to come.

NTG is a member of the Alliance for Solar Mobility and works with TNO, TU Delft, Mobility Design Lab, and UNStudio for the development of the SunRider. With the launch of the SunRider, this collaboration will accelerate the use of clean energy on moveable objects.

NTG believes it is all about energy: providing maximum energy yield, minimizing energy use, and producing optimal energy boosts for the rider.



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