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Happiness powered by our Sun in 2022

As we look back, 2021 was a year for the history books. We officially launched the SunRider and got overwhelmed with support coming from all corners of the globe.

Benu SunRider

Our goal: change last-mile delivery forever using the power of our Sun.

No need for charging using the grid. No need for fossil fuels. We are using the power of nature to deliver products and provide services with a smile.

We are proud of where we are today, and the road ahead is promising. It would not be possible without our amazing customers, partners, and the wonderful team behind SunRider. What started as two individuals’ dream is now a collective ride with people who enjoy cycling, logistics and strongly believe in solar mobility.

Let’s cycle together towards a bright future! ??‍♂️?

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The power of our Sun

From the start, we have been collecting all information about the SunRider through our in-house developed data logger, allowing us to analyze, iterate and improve at each strike of the pedal. Each SunRider comes equipped with monitoring of solar panels charging and geolocation. This year, we will be enriching it with more features to control your fleet remotely.

Our partner BENU Apotheken only needed to charge the SunRider twice via the grid in four months!

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We would also like to highlight our team, community, and thriving ecosystem. We can’t wait to increase collaborations with more brands, institutions, and innovators who believe in the power of the sun. For us, it is vital to engage with those who are shaking the world and using solar energy for the common good. That’s why we joined the Alliance for Solar Mobility (ASOM) with leading brands such as Lightyear, Sono Motors, and TNO, among others, presenting our vision at the European Mobility Week in Brussels.

The SunRider on the road

The SunRider is now on the road! Thank you to those who believe in our dream and everyone who has helped us achieve milestones so far.

Our New Year’s resolution is to get even more people on their bicycles and enjoy cycling together. Each new SunRider on the road is one less polluting van inside a city. Each new delivery with us is a step towards a fossil-free delivery for everyone.

We wish you many clean kilometers, the power and joy we collectively get from our Sun.

The SunRider Team ☀️


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