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Self Charging Cargo E-bike for Your Urban Logistics

While going electric is a good start, it is easy to forget that the grid used for charging your battery currently relies 90% on fossil fuels. Therefore, it is still responsible for CO₂ emissions. We believe all batteries need to be self-charged with clean energy. The future is solar-powered.

The most energy efficient electric cargo bike

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Smart Delivery Solution

The Solar Cargo E-bike enables a seamless and green delivery by reducing charging time and labour costs. By charging on the move you have up to an additional 100 km of range per day and it reduces dependence on the power grid. The SunRider features an Euro pallet sized cargo box that can be customised to fit your needs. It can hold up to 150 kg payload.

Technological Advancement

Solar panels are becoming progressively more efficient, robust and better-priced allowing the SunRider to be both sustainable and commercially viable. Our data collection platform ensures continued advances in this technology while our aerodynamic design saves up to 15% of energy use. The solar panels provide an average of 50% of the charge needed for your daily deliveries, boosted up to 100% on sunny days. Another reason to look forward to sunshine!

Clean Energy Futures

The SunRider increases productivity by cycling where cars and delivery vans stop, using the free energy of the sun and prolonging battery life. Our Solar Cargo E-bike cuts CO₂ emissions by 95% in comparison to a diesel fuelled delivery van and by 50% in comparison to other cargo e-bikes on the market. An investment in SunRiders represents a vision for traffic free cities and healthy, happy deliveries.

It is all about energy

  • Maximum energy yield
  • Minimum energy use
  • Optimal energy boost for the rider

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